Jälkipelit: Wimbledon finaali 2013 Andy Murray vs. Novak Djokovic

Due to Andy Murray's win at Wimbledon Vasurilla goes English. This time only. Don't worry.

So. Finally. The wait is over. After 813 years we have an English Champion in Wimbledon. Even though, he's not an Englishman, is he? He's a Scot, as you very well know it. Nevertheless, congratulations to all of you my British friends! Cheers!

To the match itself. The quality wasn't the best today, but that does not take anything away from Andy who played very solid and clever match. He didn't even have to perform his best today when Djokovic was a hallow shadow from his usual self. Far, far, far away from the form we saw against del Potro on Friday. And very far from the normal form of his as well.

It actually seemed for the first time in years that Djokovic was not fit for the match. And that's physically speaking. Was he still tired from the Friday's match??? I don't know, but he was off. By miles.

The amount of unforced errors was huge for his game and his serving was surprisingly lame. As well as his offensive game. Very error prone attacking with some serious issues with his volleys and smashes. For the most part it really did not look good at all. Even his movement didn't offer the usual acrobatics nor the speed.  And with his shot selection and his choices he surely seemed to me like he was... tired. That's what we do, but not Djokovic.

The first set and a half was really careful from the pair. Both of them hit with very safe margins as if they were fearing to attack. There could be a reason for it as both of them are such a good defenders and counter punchers. Still I don't get it when Djokovic had for example three possibilities to put the ball away from the net with two (2) smashes and a volley (1), but in the end he was passed by Murray. That's not exactly the picture I have from Wimbledon men's finals in my head.

I wonder what Roger Federer must be thinking at the moment. About those volleys and perhaps about his possibilities in this final. Only if...

The first part of the final was a bit boring to be honest. That level killed all the expectations and the enthusiasm I had beforehand so I decided to clean the house quickly instead. Actually it was my wife. Yes, you are right, as John McEnroe would say "You cannot be serious!!!" but I managed to fool her a bit so of course I saw all the time what was happening and how the momentum changed in middle of the second set.

The third set was a bit similar, but as Andy got going at 2-4 there was only some waiting left really. The level got up a couple of steps while the atmosphere at the Centre Court and at the Henman Hil must've exploded.

A small drama in the last game, which was basically the whole match in one game. Novak really played well only when his back was very heavily against the wall, but it wasn't clearly enough for him today to make the comeback of all the comebacks.

The point leading to the last match point summarized Novak's afternoon very nicely with very poor smash plus volley and bada-bing Andy's passing shot was there.

Game over, mates. We have a new Champion! Andy Murray, ladies and gentlemen! Sir Andy in a few years.

So very well done, Andy Murray. Very well. He handled the pressure and he was really hungry in a right way to take the title home. It wasn't to be an obsession for him as I expected beforehand. Not even with Lendl in his team. This must have meant everything to him (Andy), so it's very interesting to see how he will continue from this. He's a defending US Open champion also, so this could be magnificent end of the year for him if he continues like this.

That's it folks. I'm off to holiday trip, so see you in a few weeks!